9 Mar 2017

Inaugural Nursing Symposium at NTFGH

Close to 300 nursing delegates from various public healthcare institutions, intermediate and long-term care institutions and nursing homes were hosted at our very first JurongHealth Campus Nursing Symposium. The two-day symposium was centred around the theme “Building Capability for Quality and Safety”, and covered a range of topics such as providing quality care, inculcating best practices, patient safety, harnessing IT to improve patient care and work processes, and developing resilience in the nursing career and more. It provided a platform for nurses to gain insights into the latest trends and developments in healthcare practices and facilitated open discussion on the challenges and issues faced. It was an insightful learning session and the knowledge gained will certainly help to challenge standards in providing healthcare to the community.

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3 Mar 2017

Inaugural World Hearing Day Research Symposium at NTFGH

NTFGH was proud to host our inaugural World Hearing Day Research Symposium in collaboration with Ear Science Institute Australia with the theme “Advancing Hearing Through Innovation & Research”. With the aim of tapping on everyone’s knowledge and years of experience in areas relevant to ear and hearing health, this symposium gathered people from various disciplines and organisations, including scientists, engineers, researchers, ENT surgeons, audiologists and other Allied Health Professionals. It was a fruitful exchange of research efforts, perspectives and ideas and we hope to see the sharing translate to positive clinical outcomes.

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24 Oct 2016

MOH Allied Health Forum 2016 at NTFGH

NTFGH was the host venue for the inaugural Allied Health Forum organised jointly with the Ministry of Health recently. The event saw Allied Health Professionals across the various healthcare clusters gathered at our Auditorium for a series of talks and panel dialogue sessions.

The MOH Allied Health Forum provided a platform for a fruitful exchange session, with Allied Health cluster colleagues sharing initiatives and efforts that have been implemented to provide better care to patients and the community. Allied Health cluster leaders also shared inspiring stories of how they built their careers and professions to encourage the younger audience in their career journey. 

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