Postgraduate Year 1

Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1) is the transition year that prepares newly graduated doctors for Full Medical Registration. During this period, PGY1s undergo a comprehensively structured programme to cultivate clinical knowledge and skills that empower them to be competent doctors. The programme is conducted in accredited hospitals in Singapore.

As an accredited Training Institution, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH) provides PGY1s with a holistic learning experience. Every effort has been made to uphold the educational, professional, and supervisory standards of the programme. PGY1s may choose to rotate through the Medicine, General Surgery, or Orthopaedic Surgery departments. There are numerous opportunities to be exposed to sub-specialties within each department.

PGY1 Teaching Programme

PGY1s must fulfil stipulated hours of learning mandated by the Singapore Medical Council. The NTFGH PGY1 Committee has designed 3 forms of teaching for this purpose. The sessions are held during lunch time (with meals provided) to conveniently integrate teaching into a busy working schedule. Each type of teaching is conducted over a 4-month period, and is conducted thrice per year. Attendance is compulsory for all teachings.

Types of PGY1 Teaching

  1. House Officers (HO) Foundational Teaching

    HO Foundational Teaching is conducted during the first 2 months of the 4-month period. Prepared and delivered by specialists across various disciplines, it consists of practical topics that equip PGY1s in handling common situations encountered in the wards.

  2. Core Education Programme (CEP) Teaching

    CEP Teaching is conducted every Thursday during the 4-month period. The topics are designed to impart clinical knowledge and cultivate professionalism in PGY1s.

  3. Simulation (SIM) Teaching

    SIM Teaching is conducted on Mondays of the 3rd and 4th months of the 4-month period. PGY1s have hands-on experience in managing medical conditions and emergencies in a controlled environment using life-sized manikins.

Overview of PGY1 Teachings over a 4-month period:

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

PGY1 Teaching

HO Teaching

HO Teaching

SIM Teaching
(every Mon)

SIM Teaching
(every Mon)

CEP Teaching
(every Thu)

CEP Teaching
(every Thu)

CEP Teaching
(every Thu)

CEP Teaching
(every Thu)

Platforms for Open Communication

PGY1s have various platforms to provide their views and opinions on the programme.

  1. Mid- & End-of-Rotation Feedback Sessions with PGY1 Programme Director & Associate Programme Directors
    These sessions allow the Programme Director and Associate Programme Directors to:
    • Recognise difficulties faced by PGY1s
    • Explore solutions to the problems faced by PGY1s
    • Improve the welfare of PGY1s
  2. Faculty and Rotation Evaluations

    Anonymous evaluations are to be submitted online via the New Innovations website by PGY1s. PGY1s may evaluate the monthly Faculty (Team Consultant) and Sub-Specialty Rotation using this platform.

  3. Core Clinical Faculty Member (CCFM) Evaluation

    Anonymous evaluations are to be submitted online via the New Innovations website by PGY1s in the last month of the rotation. The CCFM (Posting Supervisor) is similarly evaluated by the PGY1s using this platform.

JurongHealth Campus Programme Director

  • Dr Ho Yew Ming
    Senior Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgery

JurongHealth Campus Associate Programme Director

  • Dr Aung Lwin
    Consultant, General Surgery
  • Dr Sara Cheo
    Consultant, Gastroenterology & Hepatology
  • Dr Foo Rui Min
    Consultant, Infectious Diseases

JurongHealth Campus Core Clinical Faculty Members (General Surgery)

  • Dr Jesse Hu
    Consultant, General Surgery
  • Dr Lee Chin Li
    Consultant, General Surgery
  • Dr Tan Chuan Chien
    Consultant, General Surgery
  • Dr Ng Jing Yu 
    Associate Consultant, General Surgery

JurongHealth Campus Core Clinical Faculty Members (Medicine)

  • Dr Girish Tewani
    Senior Consultant, Respiratory Medicine
  • Dr Janthorn Pakdeethai
    Consultant, Internal Medicine
  • Dr Jenna Chaung
  • Consultant, Infectious Diseases
  • Dr Chan Soo Ling
    Associate Consultant, Endocrinology
  • Dr Chong Hui Wen
    Associate Consultant, Endocrinology
  • Dr Stephen So
    Associate Consultant, Internal Medicine

JurongHealth Campus Core Clinical Faculty Members (Orthopaedic Surgery)

  • Dr Han Fucai
    Associate Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Dr Renita Sirisena
    Associate Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgery