Ongoing Exhibitions

Artworks around the Hospital 

At JurongHealth Campus, we recognise that art is more than just decorations on corridors − it helps to create a caring, relaxing and engaging environment for our patients, their families and staff. The collection consists of artworks in various mediums (ranging from paintings, prints, textiles, to glass sculptures) by local artists, co-created with the community, that adorn the walls of the hospital. 

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Our Stories – A Community Art Project by Joanne Lio with residents of SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home

Ending on 31 Dec 2018
Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Tower A, Level 2, Arts&Health Community Art Gallery, Beside Jollibean

“Our Stories” features a series of shrink plastic collage works co-created by Singaporean artist, Joanne Lio, with residents from SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home. Engaging in conversations about their favourite past time, the participants reminisced about their shared memories from back in the day. With the help of the artist, participants carefully drew, trimmed and assembled familiar scenes and objects like local snacks, bonsais and attap houses, rekindling a bittersweet memory that holds a special place in their hearts. Through the art-making process, the artist bridged generation gaps and the heart-warming stories collected are translated into a visual journal of 13 collage artworks that shape our collective Singaporean identity.

Dawn to Dusk at Ho Ching Road – A Community Art Project by Felicia Low and Lee Pheng Guan with participants from NTUC Health SilverACE (Taman Jurong)

Ending on 31 Dec 2018
Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Tower B, Level 2, Arts&Health Community Art Gallery, Opposite Discharge Pharmacy

“Dawn to Dusk at Ho Ching Road” features a series of acrylic paintings co-created by artists Felicia Low and Lee Pheng Guan with 15 senior residents of Taman Jurong. Inspired by the lush green landscape within Taman Jurong's housing estate, “Taman” means garden in the Malay language and it is no surprise to find the estate surrounded by tall trees and plants - specifically pines and cypress trees. Based on this unique feature of the neighbourhood, the artist conducted a series of art workshops to encourage residents to observe their surrounding pine trees and learn various painting techniques to capture them. Coming from all walks of life, some residents have never before attempted to draw and paint. These artworks are their stories about the pine trees and animals in their neighbourhood that is uniquely Taman Jurong.