Current Programmes

We believe that no one should be denied access to treatment simply because they cannot afford it. By providing financial assistance to needy patients through our various programmes, we enable them to focus on recovery and not on the bills.

Making a difference to patients who cannot afford treatment

Patients from lower income groups worry not only about their medical conditions, but also the financial burden that arises from large medical bills. Patients of Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital may tap on financial assistance from our Needy Patient Fund, which can be used to pay for healthcare services and equipment to enable patients to manage their conditions at home. Since the commencement of the programme in FY2012, the Needy Patient Fund has received $951k from JurongHealth Fund and provided financial assistance for services such as dialysis and the purchase of equipment such as respiratory devices and walking aids.

Improving quality of life for patients with hearing loss

The Hearing Implant Programme was started to provide financial assistance to needy patients with hearing loss who would benefit from hearing implant surgery. These implants help to improve their quality of life and promote active ageing. It also improves their communication, thus reducing stress and potential psychological issues such as depression. This programme was made possible by a $350k donation from Far East Organization to JurongHealth Fund that was awarded to the programme in FY2015.

With the rise in cancer and chronic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, healthcare systems must evolve to meet the current and future healthcare needs of the ageing population. By funding programmes that boost early detection of chronic diseases and promote a better healing environment for patients, JurongHealth Fund is dedicated to making a difference in the future healthcare landscape.  

Extending healthcare beyond the walls of our hospitals

Prevention is better than cure. With this principle in mind, screening programmes for the early detection of diseases and programmes on health management were launched as part of the strategy to extend healthcare beyond hospital walls to keep the community healthy. These programmes focus on preventive health and wellness by promoting the importance of health screening and lifestyle intervention. JurongHealth Fund provided $14.9 million in FY2016 to support the manpower over seven years to operationalise the programmes and develop a signature township and health project.


Tapping on the therapeutic potential of arts and music to create a healing environment 

The therapeutic potential of arts and music has been proven to improve the physical and emotional well-being of patients. JurongHealth Campus' Arts&Health Programme was implemented to integrate art and music into the healthcare setting to create a healing environment for patients, their families, staff and visitors. Harnessing the creativity of artists, musicians, dancers, therapists and volunteers within the community, the programme offers many forms of engagement and creative expressions for patients. Therapeutic activities such as bedside art and craft and live music performances bring cheer to the hospital premises, reduce stress and improve the patient experience. JurongHealth Fund has awarded a total of $1.7 million since FY2014 to support the programme.


Enhancing capabilities of Nursing Homes in infection control and management

Eighty percent of the transfers from nursing homes to acute hospital are due to infections. The Infectious Diseases Community Programme (IDCP) v2.0 seeks to improve the capabilities of Nursing Homes (NH) in infection prevention and management of infectious diseases in the community. Following a needs analysis with the IDCP v2.0 team, NH partners choose from a list of modules which includes review of infection control policies, tiered infection control training, clinical pathway, antibiotics usage, and staff and residents’ vaccinations. JurongHealth Fund provided a funding of $1.3 million to support the programme over three years till FY2021.

Empowering individuals to improve health and self-managed care

Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic and the number of people living with diabetes in Singapore has been increasing. Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to severe complications such as stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and lower-limb amputations. The Diabetes Reinforcement, Empowerment And Motivation Programme aims to reinforce diabetes self-management knowledge and skills to Type 2 diabetes patients so that they are better equipped and empowered to be in control of their diabetic condition. This can potentially prevent or delay the onset of complications and lead to a better quality of life and future healthcare cost savings. JurongHealth Fund funded the programme with a grant of $89k for three years till FY2021.

Caring for the elderly and physically challenged individuals

Patients who are elderly and/or physically challenged after discharge from Jurong Community Hospital may face varying challenges as they integrate back in the community. The Learn @ LIFEHub & Mobility Park Programme provides support to Voluntary Welfare Organisations and grassroots organisations to be equipped with the knowledge and skills of caring for these patients. With the knowledge and skills gained, the community would be better able to support patients during their reintegration into the community. The programme is supported by JurongHealth Fund with a funding of $21k over three years till FY2021.

We believe that healthcare professionals should constantly upgrade themselves through training and learning. The JurongHealth Fund supports training-related programmes and initiatives as a testament of our commitment towards the provision of training and education opportunities for healthcare professionals.

Providing funding to upskill healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals strive to provide safe and quality care for our patients. Building our talent pool and growing the capabilities of our healthcare professionals in areas such as clinical skills and service quality are crucial. The Talent Development Fund, which was launched in FY2016 with $19.2 million funding support from JurongHealth Fund over seven years, provides funding for healthcare professionals to upskill by pursuing professional qualifications.

Innovations are required to provide enhanced and quality patient care as well as continual improvement in the safety of care. By extending funding to pilot programmes, the JurongHealth Fund supports the goal of achieving excellence in healthcare.

Provision of Geriatric Oncology service for elderly cancer patients

A geriatric screening and assessment at the time of diagnosis to allow for tailoring of cancer treatment may potentially decrease length of hospital stay and readmissions, hence resulting in lower cost to the patient and improved quality of life. The Geriatric Oncology LongituDinal End to eNd (GOLDEN) Programme aims to cater to the needs of elderly cancer patients with upstream identification of frail patients through a comprehensive geriatric assessment and provision of geriatric interventions to improve outcomes. At the same time, the programme provides an educational platform for healthcare professionals to understand cancer in the elderly and allow research in the elderly cancer population. In FY2019, JurongHealth fund provided a funding of $3.1 million for the provision of the pilot Geriatric Oncology service over three years.

Caring for patients’ emotional and spiritual health to enhancing resilience

Attending to the emotional health of a patient, in addition to physical health, is crucial to achieving a holistic healthcare especially when patients are faced with trauma, ill health or crises. The pilot Patient Care Counselling Programme @ Jurong Community Hospital addresses patients’ needs to make meaning out of their illnesses or diseases, and assist them in enhancing their coping mechanisms. This complements existing biomedical services to patients as it facilitates patients’ acceptance of their condition(s) and thus improves their progress with rehabilitation, enabling them to achieve better rehabilitation outcomes. JurongHealth Fund supported this initiative with a funding of $392k for FY2018 to FY2020.

Preventive care to keep residents well within the community

Pneumococcal Disease (PD) is the most common cause of community-acquired pneumonia and the top diagnosis for admissions from nursing homes to acute hospitals. Vaccination is known to be one of the most cost-effective method of prevention against vaccine-preventable PD. Therefore, the Immunisation Support for Nursing Homes (ISNH) Pilot Project aims to reduce the occurrence of vaccine preventable PD within the community via education and increasing the vaccination take up rate of pneumococcal vaccines for Nursing Home residents. The vaccines will be provided to the NH residents at no cost through a JurongHealth Fund’s funding of $260k for three years to FY2021.

JurongHealth Fund recognises that research enables the creation of new knowledge that can translate into better patient care, healthcare policies and practices. By funding programmes that promote research and development, we can help transform the future of healthcare for the benefit of the population.

Realising the potential of new ideas and pushing the frontiers of healthcare

Staying at the cutting edge of healthcare requires investment in research and development capabilities. To enable the JurongHealth Campus team to stay at the forefront of healthcare delivery, a JurongHealth Research and Development (R&D) Fund was set up to strengthen JurongHealth Campus’ core research manpower and provide dedicated seed funding for selected research and development ideas with potential. JurongHealth Fund provided $2.6 million in funding to support the R&D Fund for FY2016 to FY2021.