JurongHealth Fund's Mission

In partnership with JurongHealth Campus, JurongHealth Fund (The Fund) awards grants to fund programmes in five key areas:

Helping Needy Patients

The Fund helps to alleviate the financial burden of patients who are in need of financial assistance and who require healthcare services.

Improving Community Care

The Fund supports community care and outreach programmes as well as initiatives that help to integrate care within the community.

Supporting Healthcare Professionals in Education

The Fund provides assistance to healthcare workers to pursue training initiatives and sponsorships for medical, nursing, paramedical and other healthcare related education.

Funding Pilot Projects

The Fund supports pilot projects that test new and improved ways of providing healthcare to the community and improving the safety and quality of care.

Supporting Research

The Fund supports research projects that focus on community health and bedside clinical research. This includes the publication of research findings, educational findings, educational journals, reports, magazines, books and other materials.