At the Helm

Mr Foo Hee Jug

Deputy Chief Executive,


A/Prof Cheah
Wei Keat

Medical Board

The following are listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Ms Chee Thong Gan

Senior Director, Allied Health and Community Operations

Dr Chua Chi Siong

Group Director, Institutional Care Collaborations (ICC), Regional Health System (RHS) Planning Office

Medical Director,
Jurong Community Hospital

Adj A/Prof Gamaliel Tan

Deputy Group Chief Medical Informatics Officer, NUHS

Vice Chairman, Medical Board

Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Clinical A/Prof Gerald Chua

Vice Chairman, Medical Board
(Clinical Education)

Mdm Kuttiammal Sundarasan

Chief Nurse

Ms Lim Wee Ping

Deputy Group Chief Human Resource Officer, NUHS

Chief Human Resource Officer

Mr Ng Kian Swan

Chief Operating Officer, Group Biomedical Engineering, Group Facilities Management, Operations Risk, Security & Emergency Planning, NUHS

Chief Operating Officer

Director, Jurong Medical Centre

Data Protection Officer

Ms Ong Kwee Heok

Group Director, NUHS Business Office Shared Services, NUHS

Chief Financial Officer

Dr Quek Lit Sin

Group Director, Emergency Medicine, NUHS

Vice Chairman, Medical Board
(Clinical Governance)