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NTFGH Dr Chen Yongsheng, Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgery, shares that providing care to the migrant workers staying at the dormitories was a natural choice, even if it means having to live apart from his family to keep them safe from the virus

NTFGH Dr Chua Ai Ping, Senior Consultant, Respiratory Medicine, highlights that insomnia can be caused by a number of factors including stressful life events, irregular sleep habits or disrupted schedules

NTFGH Chief Operating Officer, Ng Kian Swan shares that the current Covid-19 situation has stretched our resources, hence our housekeeping department is leveraging technology to drive efficiency, safety and be less dependent on labour

NTFGH Dr Tan Chee Keat, Head & Senior Consultant, Intensive Care Medicine and Dr Tan Rou An, Associate Consultant, Intensive Care Medicine share their views on how the exponential advancement in medical knowledge of COVID-19 has seen doctors continually modify and improve their care of patients

NTFGH Dr Daniel Kwek, Senior Consultant, Psychiatry, reflects on his time as a consultant in psychiatry caring for patients during SARS, and how the experience left indelible marks on him and his family

NTFGH Dr Norhisham Bin Main, Head of Division & Senior Consultant, Supportive Care and Palliative Medicine; Senior Consultant, Geriatric Medicine, cautions Singaporeans against letting down their guard as there could be ‘hidden’ cases among pre-symptomatic individuals who could potentially infect more people and lead to the formation of new clusters

JCH Dr Scott Wong, Medical Officer, designed and built Covid Buddy to enable patients – the majority of whom are foreign workers – to communicate better with healthcare staff

NTFGH Senior Occupational Therapist, Yong Huiting, and JCH Physiotherapist, Tan Hui Yin, provide advice for isolated seniors on fall prevention and safety tips within the home, recommended home exercises and mental and emotional wellbeing, as elderly Singaporeans are still encouraged to stay at home as much as possible when circuit breaker ends

NTFGH Dr Wong Li Beng, Director of Preventive Dentistry and Consultant, Dentistry, shares about the adjustments that patients have had to make due to reduction in dental services during the circuit breaker period, and advises individuals to keep up with daily dental hygiene practices to ensure good dental health

NTFGH Dr Wong Li Beng, Head of Division, Preventive Dentistry and Consultant, Dentistry shares the causes and treatments for bad breath