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NTFGH Dr Daniel Kwek, Senior Consultant, Psychiatry shares how nomophobia, a term derived from no-mobile-phone-phobia, may be mistaken as a phobia and that the fear of losing one’s mobile phone is possibly comparable to the fear of losing one’s wallet

NTFGH and National University Health System’s Regional Health System Office partner JurongHealth Fund on an initiative to keep residents well within the community by offering free vaccinations against pneumococcal disease over a span of three years

NTFGH Dr Wan Yi Min, Consultant, Psychiatry shares about burn-out, tips to fight it, and the symptoms that can lead to depression

NTFGH Dr Wong Li Beng, Consultant, Dentistry clarifies some common misconceptions that surrounds periodontal disease such as the symptoms of this condition and the optimal frequency for one’s dental visit

NTFGH Senior Dietitian explains that consumption of coffee is linked to loss of bone density, and people with heart problems should avoid coffee


NTFGH Dr Goh Ee Ling, Senior Consultant, Emergency Medicine highlight the risk factors and health implications for sepsis survivors, and stress the importance of prompt medical attention to prevent further complications


NTFGH's “Handmade Heartmade” project produces Singapore’s largest collection of some 700 sensory mats designed to aid patients suffering from dementia


NTFGH embarks on a community sensory sewing project designed to help reduce agitation and restlessness in dementia patients, and features 200 of these sensory mats in the three-day Arts&Health Festival at the Level 2 linkbridge between Towers A and B of the hospital


NTFGH Dietitian, Sarah Lim, shares tips on how to enjoy mooncakes the healthier way this Mid-Autumn festival


NTFGH Dr Chan Soo Ling, Associate Consultant, Endocrinology comments on how fruits and vegetables can play a positive role in managing diabetes, and how one should choose whole fruit over fruit juice