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NTFGH Dr Chan Soo Ling, Associate Consultant, Endocrinology comments on how fruits and vegetables can play a positive role in managing diabetes, and how one should choose whole fruit over fruit juice


NTFGH Dr Chua Ai Ping, Sleep Specialist and Senior Consultant, Respiratory Medicine, Internal Medicine & Intensive Care Medicine, shares the symptoms of sleep disorder and tips on good sleeping habits to help one get a better night’s rest


NTFGH Dr Wong Li Beng, Director, Preventive Dentistry and Consultant, Dentistry shares about gum care and various treatments for gum disease


NTFGH Chief Operating Officer, Mr Ng Kian Swan shares that simulated civil emergency exercises are important as it prepares the hospital, community partners and public to be vigilant and well equipped to handle civil emergencies


NTFGH Dietitian, Ms Sarah Lim shares that cheese and wine can be beneficial to health but excessive consumption may lead to to risk of hypertension and weight gain

NTFGH Dietitian, Diane Seto, shared the types of food that contain trans fat and are most likely to be overlooked.

NTFGH Assistant Nurse Clinician Maznah receives the highest accolade (Honourable Mention) at the Healthcare Humanity Award 2019 and shares how her role as a specialty care nurse gives her the opportunity to go beyond the call of duty

NTFGH Senior Principal Physiotherapist, Lim Kian Chong and Senior Physiotherapist, Koh Hui An share the use of fitness trackers to provide objective feedback for individuals to track steps and also motivates to increase physical activity levels

NTFGH launches “J.Walkers”, a 2.5km mall walking route to keep the community healthy

NTFGH Dietitian, Gabriel Wong, shares that one should adopt a low added-sugar diet which limits intake of soft drinks and other processed food instead of a sugar-free diet, as it may imply limiting intake of beneficial foods, which can be detrimental to health in the long term