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NTFGH Dietitian, Diane Seto, shared the types of food that contain trans fat and are most likely to be overlooked.

NTFGH Assistant Nurse Clinician Maznah receives the highest accolade (Honourable Mention) at the Healthcare Humanity Award 2019 and shares how her role as a specialty care nurse gives her the opportunity to go beyond the call of duty

NTFGH Senior Principal Physiotherapist, Lim Kian Chong and Senior Physiotherapist, Koh Hui An share the use of fitness trackers to provide objective feedback for individuals to track steps and also motivates to increase physical activity levels

NTFGH launches “J.Walkers”, a 2.5km mall walking route to keep the community healthy

NTFGH Dietitian, Gabriel Wong, shares that one should adopt a low added-sugar diet which limits intake of soft drinks and other processed food instead of a sugar-free diet, as it may imply limiting intake of beneficial foods, which can be detrimental to health in the long term

NTFGH Senior Physiotherapist, Kelly Chan, shares how daily life activities can be incorporated into regular exercise routine to help slow down the onset of sarcopenia.

NTFGH Senior Radiographer Clara Chooi shares what led her to pursue Radiography, her experience as an MOHH scholar and her advice to aspiring radiographers

NTFGH Dr Kurumbian Chandran, Director & Senior Consultant, Endocrinology shares that adhering to a healthy lifestyle coupled with medication compliance can keep diabetes under control and added that consuming too much of anything may lead to obesity, a major cause for insulin resistance

NTFGH releases new app with artificial intelligence to count calories and offer interactive health coaching to help those with prediabetes achieve a more holistic and healthy lifestyle

NTFGH Senior Dietitian, Grace Michael, shares that ‘superfoods’ should not be used as substitutes to any one food group or thought to offer health benefits in the absence of a healthy diet