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NTFGH Principal Enrolled Nurse, Mdm Faridah Hassan, receives the second prize for the Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award, an award that recognises promising Enrolled Nurses who have shown excellence and dedication in their profession

Retired couple, who volunteers at NTFGH and JCH, share how their volunteering experience give them insights to dementia condition and how they could show care for patients as bedside buddies

In a series of three, NTFGH's Dr Andrew Hui (Senior Consultant, Neurology) explains the common types of stroke and shares its risk factors, early signs and preventive measures

NTFGH Dietitian, Teoh Yi, shares the possible health risks of popular weight loss diet trends

JCH’s Qiu Wenjing (Head & Senior Principal Physiotherapist) and Chen Changwu (Head & Senior Principal Occupational Therapist) share how rehabilitation can leverage on technology to improve patient care

Dr Michael Yong (Head & Senior Consultant, Psychiatry, NTFGH) shares the early symptoms of mental illness in youths and the importance of fostering mental resilience from young to take charge of mental well-being

Dr Thomas Soo (Consultant, Health & Wellness, NTFGH) shares about the various types of coughs caused by different sources and infections, and tips on how to build a robust immune system to keep coughs at bay

JCH’s Dr Tong Ka-Mun (Consultant, Post-acute and Continuing Care) and art therapist Lee Sze-Chin share how families can care for patients with dementia

JurongHealth Campus Arts&Health Festival 2018 showcased art created by dementia patients during their weekly art therapy session in JCH

JCH introduces smart robots and technology for patient rehabilitation